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Sweet T 

Written by DaviD ConanT I should have done this Q & A along time ago. Sweet T or Tamara King if you must know is one of my favorite local musicians. She has so much emotion, so good and so much fun to listen to her perform live. Here we go! How long has the band been together as Sweet T? “Our current group has been playing together for about 2 years. We have Clayton Coblentz on Bass. I met him through our first lead guitar player. Jerome Watters on drums. He and Clayton have played in Jazz bands together over the years.Joseph Berkley Manuel plays lead guitar. I met Joseph through a mutual friend. One by one they came and have stayed. We have a good relationship and enjoy playing together. They push me to learn new things I would not normally even try.” How did you come up with the name Sweet T? “I started playing publicly in Arlington and Fort Worth about 5 to 6 years ago with a Blue Grass band, Sweet "T" and the Back Porch Pickers. Once the Pickers and I went our separate ways I kept the T and moved on.” Tell us what type of music we can hear from you and the band? “Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, anything else that we like. I would say it would all fit in the Americana genre.” When did you know you wanted music to be a big part of your life? “I've been involved in music since elementary school. My instrument of choice in band was Alto Sax. In my high school years I participated in Church and School Choirs. I think that was my most rewarding time, being a member of a 50 voice youth choir is an amazing experience.” I know you mostly play covers, but you have one original song about your dad. Can you tell us about it? “If I never write another song I will be happy because of this "The Journey". The true story of two brothers, both Marines fighting on the front lines of the Korean War. My father was in his second tour and his brother had only joined a few months prior. On Sept 4, 1952 Private Robert King was killed in action. My father's family, brothers that had served in WWII petitioned the Military asking that my father, Staff Sargent Johnny King be able to escort his brother’s body home to Waco, Texas for burial. The Military granted their request. My father said it was the worst thing they could have done to him but he understood they were trying to get him out of harm’s way. The actual journey took close to two months from the time my uncle was killed until they arrival in Waco.” It’s a very strong emotional song. I hope you can get it recorded someday. What is the best part about being the singer in your band? “I love to sing, I wish I could say it's all grand but it is very demanding. I'm still working through all the reasons I am even doing this. People say all the time you have such a gift and you have to share it. BUT, with that gift comes a great responsibility. I am very particular about the songs I pick to learn and perform. I want people to enjoy themselves but I also want them to walk away with some reflection of good and kindness.” Do you have any favorite memories from a show? “Every show is a memory LOL! When you get a text from one of the band members that says "I'M COMING IN HOT" it always makes me smile.” Do you have anything you would like to tell your fans? “I would first like to say how much I appreciate Clayton, Jerome and Joseph for all their support and commitment. It is still hard to believe these great musicians keep showing up to play music with me. To our fans, you are the best! You show up everywhere we go and you keep us trying to do it again and again. Without friends and family support there would be NO way we could keep doing what we do. For my wife Johanna ReNae Hyde-King, your encouragement and love has allowed me to have this great hobby, to see just how far I could go. Without you I would not make it to a single gig!” Catch Sweet T at one of her upcoming Arlington shows, Sept 9 at El Arroyoand Sept 24 at J R Bentley's English Pub. And, please “LIKE” their Facebook page too.

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