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J R Bentley's English Pub 

 Written by DaviD ConanT

Recently did a little Q & A with Dana Ladd from JR Bentley's about her Restaurant and pub. If you haven't been there since they re-open last year you are really missing out on some great food and drinks and live music every Saturday night.
Here's what she had to say.
Please tell us how JR Bentley has become yours? "I started working as a waitress in 1996 as a way to support my three children and then became manager from 1998 to 2000. After a few years of not being a part of Bentley's due to leaving in 2000, I decided to purchase it and became the owner in May, 2005." And we are really glad she did.
She said she had a love for Bentley's and wanted to see it continue the same it was. Another business was trying to change the concept while she was away. "I loved that the restaurant and pub was in an old home and the closeness we had with the community." Bentley's has been an Arlington institution since 1979. "It's wonderful being part of that tradition." Dana is originally from Grapevine, but felt more at home in Arlington and very proud to own a downtown location.
A fire almost ended Bentley's for good in 2013. "It's been a huge struggle, but we reopened our doors again in 2015. It's doesn't have that old house feeling anymore but that can be a good thing. We still serve the best charbroiled hamburgers and have the same "family" feel to the pub. We refreshed our food menu, added signature cocktails and offer more craft beers than before. We are also the first official restaurant in Arlington to have a pet friendly patio. Yes, even that requires a city permit. The changes have been very positive ones, for me and our customers." And if your pet needs a drink of fresh water, they are happy to bring a bowl out for your animals too.
I ask her how the live music has been for the pub. You know I am so glad to see more music in downtown ArlingtoN, so it's good to know she feels the same way. Dana says "live music on Saturday nights has been an added bonus and we hope to add Friday nights in the near future". I am hoping that is the very near future.
You would think being so close to UTA that it would only be a college hangout, but she says her customers have changed as well. "We are no longer just a UTA bar. Walk in on any weekend night and you will see our crowd to be anywhere from 21 to 71."
Do you have any big events coming up soon? "Our next event that we are looking forward to is New Years Eve and just like last year, our favorite band will be playing to start the New Year off right. Everyone loves " Sweet T "!! The lead singer, Tamara King and her band fit right in at Bentley's and perform Americana music, mixed originals and a variety of genres. They are a band that everyone can relate to. Energetic and upbeat, New Years Eve will be a fun night. Bentley's is also known for our amazing corned beef on St. Patrick's Day so mark it on your calendar for a tasty treat."
Anything else you would like to add? "I'm very thankful that I can do what I love and it's my wish to do this for many more years to come."
Please check them out on Facebook or just go by for lunch or plan a whole evening there. What more would you want? Great people, great food and drinks, great music on Saturdays and even bring your dog too. It's the perfect get away place in the center of downtown ArlingtoN. Hope to see you there soon.

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